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Born of the association of the historic structures SMSE, AMGM, and LET sheet metal workshop,
La MGM is an administrative and commercial support
for these three structures dedicated exclusively to the production.  

Implanted in the same region, their closeness guarantees a big reactivity and a flexibility.

Some important dates in the history of la MGM...Logos AMGM SMSE

• In May 2008 : Creation of La MGM
• In May 2008 : Association with AMGM
• In November 2010 : Association with LET
• In November 201 3: Association with SMSE

The Quality is our Priority …
It you guaranteed to obtain the constancy in the conformity of your projects.


Missions & Values

Our teams make a commitment to build the excellence while favoring the values
of integrity, responsibility, obligatorily, of quality of the product and the customer satisfaction.
To serve you, La MGM provides you with a team of about fifty employees who over the years knew how
to develop
professional skills and service of exceptional support.